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A large part of the research being undertaken both by the Living Legacies centre as well as community research projects involves digital mapping. This tool can be viewed through all digital mediums and helps to give a visual representation and reconstruction of the data and enriches the research gathered by the project.

For example, using your subject research you could overlay and compare historic maps of place with the modern aerial imagery of today. This tool can also support additional information e.g. text, photographs, links to other places or information etc.

Here we can see two types of map:-

Welsh Memorial and Honour Rolls of WW1 - Point Map

WW1 Aviation Sites in Ireland – an interactive mapping resource - Story Map 

If these resources are of interest to your project – as a community research or academic research project – then do please get in touch with us, and we can explore ways of helping to develop similar resources for your WW1 project.